Shay Shnider

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Date Player Admin Length
2021-01-09T12:42:29Z Hjälp Simon Pug 6 months
2020-10-04T17:54:41Z Hjälp Simon Mim 3 months (Expired)
2020-09-28T23:26:40Z Hjälp Simon Kommandant A1L 3 days (Expired)
2020-09-24T21:24:55Z Hjälp Simon Mim 3 days (Expired)
2020-09-14T23:26:05Z Hjälp Simon Clarky 1 week (Expired)
2020-09-10T12:43:25Z Hjälp Simon MR Goose 3 days (Expired)
2020-09-01T21:12:01Z Hjälp Simon Mim 12 hours (Expired)
2020-08-03T21:55:43Z Hjälp Simon Synatec 2 weeks (Expired)
2020-07-28T11:43:09Z Hjälp Simon [PH] THE SPOOK 1 day (Expired)
2020-07-21T22:29:56Z Hjälp Simon blackdown!! 4 days (Expired)
2020-07-11T17:13:40Z Hjälp Simon blackdown!! 2 days (Expired)
2020-07-04T15:55:49Z Hjälp Simon Synatec 2 days (Expired)
2020-05-31T13:37:12Z Stig Helmer Mim 1 month (Expired)
2020-02-29T21:15:22Z marcus from lastday Jack Peterson (FP11) 3 months (Expired)
2020-02-11T15:30:34Z marcus from lastday SpaceShots 1 week (Expired)
2020-02-08T23:35:03Z theepicman16 Super_ 1 day (Expired)
2020-01-22T17:56:17Z Theepicman nutrient10 5 days (Expired)
2020-01-15T23:20:53Z Theepicman McGlinchy 12 hours (Expired)
2019-12-24T22:30:17Z Theepicman16 SpaceShots 1 week (Expired)
2019-12-16T13:54:01Z Theepicman16 Collier 12 hours (Expired)
2019-12-02T15:09:11Z Theepicman16 Tom 1 week (Expired)
2019-11-18T17:27:00Z Marcus from lastday Tom 5 days (Expired)
2019-11-11T21:06:49Z Leif Manneström LEWIS 088 1 day (Expired)
2016-08-14T14:12:22Z Theepicman CONSOLE Permanent (Unbanned)


Date Player Admin
2020-10-02T21:24:18Z Shay Shnider nutrient10
2020-09-23T21:03:42Z Shay Shnider Kommandant A1L
2020-09-23T00:13:48Z Shay Shnider Exnem
2020-09-14T14:22:14Z Shay Shnider curak
2020-09-08T23:10:48Z Shay Shnider Kommandant A1L
2020-09-07T23:16:22Z Shay Shnider Kommandant A1L
2020-09-05T22:59:14Z Shay Shnider Clarky
2020-09-05T21:45:47Z Shay Shnider Hayden
2020-09-03T12:46:07Z Shay Shnider flugs
2020-09-01T12:41:32Z Shay Shnider Mim
2020-08-31T20:48:45Z Shay Shnider MR Goose
2020-08-27T14:54:31Z Shay Shnider Synatec
2020-08-23T22:06:26Z Shay Shnider Kommandant A1L
2020-07-26T22:05:42Z Shay Shnider MR Goose
2020-07-17T22:12:33Z Shay Shnider Synatec
2020-07-07T22:16:56Z Shay Shnider [PH] THE SPOOK
2020-07-04T11:09:46Z Shay Shnider [PH] THE SPOOK
2020-02-10T21:36:55Z Shay Shnider SpaceShots
2020-02-06T22:39:31Z Shay Shnider SpaceShots
2020-02-03T20:56:02Z Shay Shnider SpaceShots
2020-01-06T18:57:14Z Shay Shnider Shay
2019-12-24T16:32:19Z Shay Shnider blobvis 2.0
2019-12-12T14:07:42Z Shay Shnider SpaceShots
2019-11-26T22:46:18Z Shay Shnider TinySlayer
2019-11-18T15:40:37Z Shay Shnider Tom
2019-11-11T16:54:48Z Shay Shnider LEWIS 088


Date Type Player Admin Length
2021-01-09T12:34:13Z Police Shay Shnider Pug 1 month